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ann hamilton: phora

January 20 – March 18

Opening reception with special guest, Ann Hamilton’s longtime collaborator and sound artist, Andrew Deutsch from 6-8pm on Friday, January 20th.

Florida SouthWestern State College is honored to announce the opening of ANN HAMILTON: PHORA at the Bob Rauschenberg Gallery with a public reception on Friday, January 20th from 6-8pm.  Occupying the walls (nearly floor-to-ceiling) with more than 120 unique stills captured by the artist from close-up video taken of the mouths of carved medieval figures at the Museum of National Antiquities in Stockholm, the silent, non-sentient, but color-saturated facial features appear reanimated by this immersive installation of digital images.  Initially conceived for the architectural context of la maison rouge in Paris, France, and inspired by two highly-symbolic locales:  the Bastille (as the voice of civic demonstration) and the Bastille Opera (as a demonstrative public voice). ANN HAMILTON: PHORA explores the origins of public speaking from the first forums to on-going political debate, and is opening on the day of the U.S. Presidential Inauguration.

Presented for the first-time with THE FIRST LINE (Sounds for Drawing) an experimental drawing project and participatory installation by Ann Hamilton and Andrew Deutsch, this component encourages visitors to take a “hands-on” role by contributing their own drawing in response to audio tracks played through a headset while a newly-commissioned composition featuring micro-loops of the artist’s voice is played aloud in the Gallery to provide further inspiration and a soundtrack both for THE FIRST LINE and PHORA.

As subject of solo exhibitions and large-scale installations at institutions including The Museum of Modern Art, NYC; the Guggenheim Museum, NYC; Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden, Washington, DC; Musée d’art Contemporain, Lyon, France; Stedelijk Van Abbemuseum, The Netherlands; Tate Gallery, Liverpool, England; and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; artist Ann Hamilton has been widely-celebrated for her site-sensitive, multimedia, participatory and performance-based work.  The official United States representative at the 48th Venice Biennale in Italy and the 1991 São Paulo Biennial in Brazil, Ms. Hamilton was recipient of the prestigious MacArthur “Genius Award” Fellowship and a NEA National Medal of Arts Award (presented at the White House by President Barack Obama in 2015).

A press preview lecture and exhibition walk-through by FSW Humanities Professor Dr. Wendy Chase and special guest Andrew Deutsch (Ann Hamilton’s longtime collaborator and Professor of Sound Design & Video Arts at Alfred University) is also open to the public at 11am on Friday, January 20th.

This exhibition is made possible by the generous support of the Stanton Storer Embrace the Arts Foundation and the Institute for Electronic Arts/iea.


Images Courtesy of Wes Fitch & Kirsten Pettifor