Bob Rauschenberg at FSW

For over twenty-five years, the Gallery at Florida SouthWestern State College had an enduring friendship with world-renowned artist Robert Rauschenberg.  Exhibitions of Mr. Rauschenberg’s work started in 1980 and the Gallery was host to numerous world premiere showings, including the unveiling of the first installation of the 1/4 Mile or 2 Furlong Piece.  The following is a list of the fifteen Rauschenberg exhibitions held at Florida SouthWestern State College:

1980     February 3 – 27:  Spreads and Scales series

1982     February 6 – 26:  The ¼ Mile or 2 Furlong Piece
190 feet of the piece covered every inch of the walls.  It was a work in progress and at one point reached 790 feet long.

1983     July 22 – September 9:  The second footage of the ¼ Mile or 2 Furlong Piece

1984     October:  The Salvage series

1986     March:  Rauschenberg: newest continuation of the ¼ Mile or 2 Furlong Piece

1987     March 26 – May 7:  Robert Rauschenberg: Gluts (exhibited in the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall)

1988     December – March:  Rejected Rauschenbergs (exhibited in the Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall)

1993     April 30 – June 13:  Rauschenberg

2000     March 10 – April 16:  Robert Rauschenberg: Recent Work 

2002     March 28 – April 28:  Robert Rauschenberg: Recent Work 

2004    Gallery of Fine Art at Edison Community College renamed Bob Rauschenberg Gallery. The dedication of the Gallery coincided with the exhibition, Scenarios from June 4 – July 11.

2005     January 7 – February 26:  A Quake in Paradise (Labyrinth)
This was the first time the work was exhibited in the U.S.  The piece can be assembled in various configurations that viewers walk through and around, giving it a maze-like quality.

2007     January 12 – February 24:  Rauschenberg: Scenarios 

2008     January 11 – February 9:  Robert Rauschenberg, Artist-Citizen: Posters for a Better World 

2008     June 21 – July 3:  Celebrating the Life of Robert Rauschenberg 

Source: Some of the exhibition information came from Rauschenberg / Art and Life, 2004, by Mary Lynn Kotz